About DigiTrey

What is DigiTrey?

DigiTrey offers web design and digital content management services for small businesses throughout the world. With a specialization in WordPress and many other content management systems, we work with clients on web development, SEO, social media and Google Ads. 

With clients from San Diego to New York to Germany and everywhere in between, DigiTrey offers services in:

  • Web Design
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Digital Content Management
DigiTrey's Founder, Trey

How did it all start?

Our founder, Trevor, began his career in digital media back in 2007 while he was still in college at California State University, Northridge in Los Angeles, CA. After years as a professional in the television and media industry, Trevor started looking for additional ways to satisfy his creative appetite and that’s when the idea of starting his own web design company came to fruition.

Trevor began working with a couple small businesses in San Diego, CA, building websites and overseeing social media and search ads for multiple clients. Soon after, he launched DigiTrey Web Design and began working with clients across the country, earning most of his clientele via word of mouth. Fast forward a few years later and DigiTrey’s client portfolio expands all over the globe due to referrals from awesome clients who shared their great experience and digital success with friends and business partners. Trevor now runs operations out of Dallas, TX but is helping small businesses build their successful digital presences all over the world. 

No matter the budget your business is on, DigiTrey can help your business put its name on the digital map, whether you work locally, nationally, or globally. If you would like to discuss your business needs or simply want to learn more, just fill out the contact form below or email us at hello@digitreywebdesign.com.

Does my business need a website?

To put it simply, yes! Every business should have its own website where it can host the information it wants its customers (both potential and existing) to see and have access to. With reviews running rampant across the internet (think Yelp and Google), your business needs its own platform where it can provide useful information to customers, whether you’re thinking locally or globally. 

For more information on the many reasons why your business needs a website, click here

If you’re nervous or unsure about the process of running a website and all that goes into, that’s where we step in and handle all the tough parts for you! 

Contact Us

Please contact us via email at hello@digitreywebdesign.com or simply fill out the form below and we’ll contact you within the same business day.