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In the aviation industry, we know change is inevitable. It’s how we stay competitive. But we also know people don’t usually mind change but don’t enjoy being changed. We can help you minimize the cultural and financial impact of change.

As an aviation professional or organization, you will encounter various opportunities and challenges as our industry is dynamic and complex. We are committed to coming alongside you to navigate change and helping you embrace it as your ‘secret weapon’ for growth.

We support both individuals and organizations in reaching their full potential and achieving their goals. But it’s not a cut-and-paste process. We understand that each person and organization has unique aspirations, and we tailor our services to help you climb to your ideal level of success.

Whether you are seeking personal growth as an aviation professional or seeking help in elevating your organization’s performance, we offer specialized guidance and expertise to help you thrive in the face of change. Our team is dedicated to empowering you with the tools, strategies, and support needed to successfully adapt to the ever-evolving aviation industry.

Together, we can embrace constant change and turn it into a catalyst for progress and achievement! Let’s get started today

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Executive Coaching
Career Coaching
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Organizational Development
Executive Search
Change Management
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About Us

CLIMB values in everything that we do: 

  • Character – demonstrating mental and moral qualities
  • Loyalty – willingness to ride out the highs and lows
  • Integrity – doing what is right, even when no one is around
  • Mettle – embodying grit, determination, perseverance, strength, and determination
  • Benevolence – doing good work for the good of the world

What Others Are Saying

Desiree has delivered a series of highly engaging training sessions, which have earned rave reviews at Ground Handling International Conferences. Desiree delivers great content and has an ability to capture the attention of an audience. Desiree is a great choice if you are looking for a training facilitator who can go beyond PowerPoint and truly engage your employees in learning something new.
Max Gosney
Portfolio Director & Conference Chairman Ground Handling International
Desiree is one powerhouse of a executive leadership coach! She is an exceptional listener who respectfully guided me to an empowering level of self-awareness. Her emotional intelligence, partnered with her honest interest in my well being, allowed me to build upon my innate leadership abilities. If you’re considering an executive leadership coach, I would highly recommend Desiree. It will be an exciting journey of self-discovery!
Jessica Stewart
CEO Special Olympics Ohio
Desiree is an empathetic, inspiring and motivational coach.I personally benefited from the wonderful experience. From the very beginning, she helped to set the intention and goals for our sessions.

Each time we spoke I walked away with more wisdom and personal insights. She asked great questions which helped me to better self reflect and gain clarity on how to approach different situations. Desiree also thoughtfully presented relevant resources and tools into our coaching discussions.

Ultimately, it was a delight to work with Desiree as her approach is very thoughtful and thought provoking.
Carly Roy
Global HR Leader Johnson & Johnson
I had the distinct pleasure of working with Desiree as my Executive coach. Over the course of a year my work with her helped me identify the "why" behind many of my actions and behaviors. Desiree takes a personal interest in her clients, and listens without judging and through a discourse of dialogue, she asks thought provoking questions and discussion, which facilitate self-reflection and introspection, which leads to the client having a better understanding of themselves.

She is also very understanding of the fact that her clients are Executives and busy and is able to assign little projects and tasks which require some effort, but provide huge upside in terms of benefits and improved performance. I would strongly recommend that organizations who are looking to work with an Executive coach, who understands business and people, who can help optimize the performance of both, work with Desiree.
Jonathan Latham
Senior Director National Sales, capital One